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Keep the Seat Warm 2016 - 2017

Keep the seat warm

Installation in Kuldiga Art House, October 2017

This installation shows the replica of a desk of a typical government worker that enables every visitor to experience the dulling loop of daily political life. Watching the hands of the people who hold the seats on the political arena lets you experience the same kind of trance that the average employee enters after a full day at the governmental office. Politics is impossible without those who serve politicians making them visible to the public while remaining invisible themselves. The less the workers mean for the system, the more they have to be present at their workplace while not having so much to do. They are not expected to show initiative, only to sit at their desks and await orders from those higher in rank. Day after day they go through the same sets of repetitive actions, until eventually they enter the anxious state of daydreaming, followed by dull trance.

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